Just got the sad news a few days ago that KQ 103.1 was bought out and is soon transitioning to a country formatted radio station. All the staff were laid off. All of this came to a surprise to everyone involved in the radio station.

Three years back I remember the first time I tuned into the station. They had a commercial free 20,000 song playlist playing continuously in order to gain its new audience. What stood out to me about this station was the diversity of music. Couple of weeks later they began the “KQ Mixeo” with DJ Leony, DJ Ossy, DJ Candy Boy later on and few other invited DJ’s. These DJs were and still are my mentors today, so I was truly inspired by what they were doing and I wanted to be part of it.

Months later the KQ DJ Project was announced and I was advised by friends to join. Fast forward to September 2013 in Daytona I took the grand prize of $5000 and most importantly for me they allowed me to become an on-air DJ for them. After this opportunity not only did my life change, but it made me realize that music is my main passion and I was extremely happy that anybody of any age can listen to my mixes no matter where they were or how busy their schedule was.

I met some of the most amazing people in this industry like Gloria B which was like my “mother” on this industry and always looked after me. Thank you Gloria B for all the help and for helping out in rough times and good times! I also met great people like JJ Cardona which even before I won the KQ Project he always treated me with respect and always remained very humble. Carlitos Dominguez was also a great influence and his sense of humor always kept us in a positive vibe. DJ Leony, DJ Ossy, DJ Candy Boy, I can truly say these guys are some of the most influential DJs and people I have met and I have definitely been extremely lucky to be mentored by them. Of course there were other amazing people who I was extremely lucky to have worked with like Carla Gutierrez, which helped me a lot and remained amazing since day one and still is. I would also like to thank La Sexy Vero, Epi Colon, Lauren, Michelle, and everybody who made KQ possible.

I wish luck to everybody and Merry Christmas. Let the next step you take be the best one yet.